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Keto works!  You have seen it. 
Now let's make it work for you!
Get started or unstuck TODAY!

I help women struggling with keto for weight loss and metabolic health by creating a personalized plan to reach their goals in 30 days. 


I am a Licensed Paramedic, trained Lifestyle Coach, PCOS sufferer and Pre-Diabetic in remission who had the initial quick weight loss then had setbacks.  I have figured out how to make keto truly a lifestyle that is easy and has wiggle room for life itself.  This has changed my life and the life of women all around me.  Then one day when my patient told me how "life changing" my information had been I knew I needed to share this with everyone I could.  So I became a coach and am able to do professionally what I love. 

Keto is EXPLODING!  This means that there is a TON of information out  there.  This plethora of information can be a blessing or a curse if you don't have the time or desire to do all of the research and learning to know what works for who and why, and most importantly what will work for YOU. That is where I come in as a coach.  I help you navigate all of the information and find the why and the how.  I help you develop a system that works for your life.

Whether it is weight loss or weight management, managing your PCOS or Diabetes, or just developing a healthy relationship with food we can get you there!

Jennifer Hays, LP

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